Artist Statement


Embracing life’s spontaneity, my art delves into the untamed human psyche through expressionistic artworks. I aim to immerse viewers in a symphony of vibrant colours, dynamic lines, and raw emotions.

My creative journey weaves a tapestry of modern and contemporary influences, encompassing action painting, neo-expressionism, and the spirited realm of street art, all infused with my unique surrealistic twist. Drawing to some degree from my background as a DJ and music producer and been immersed in the nightlife scene for so many years, my creative process today becomes instinctual yet fluid, responding to my inner beat and rhythm. My artistic repertoire spans various mediums, with a primary focus on acrylics, spray paint, and mixed media collage.

My work can be described as an exploration of the subconscious, interwoven with my personal interpretations inspired by nostalgic recollections, unfiltered moments, and spontaneous ideas, my art celebrates subcultures and embraces the beauty of individuality and unconventional expression.

Each encounter with my art invites the viewer to distil their unique meaning, fostering a multitude of thoughts beyond my own comprehension or intention. The significance of these works perpetually evolves, remaining eternally relevant.

You can view my latest original artworks here: Link