Ciano, an artist based in Ireland’s Cork, has quietly established a reputation within the art world. His artistic voyage is characterized by passion, resilience, and a journey of self-revelation.

From an early age, artistic allure captivated Ciano. Demonstrating exceptional talent as a youngster, he garnered local awards for his creative ventures. Nonetheless, life led him down an unforeseen path, and his artistic endeavors took a backseat to his fervor for music. For sixteen years, Ciano was immersed in the realm of DJing and music production, leaving behind his beloved canvases and brushes.

However, life has a way of revisiting one’s authentic passions. In 2011, the tide turned when a recession and subsequent job loss rekindled Ciano’s connection with the art world. The economic downturn prompted a reevaluation, and for Ciano, it signaled the revival of his artistic spark.

Motivated anew, Ciano embarked on a voyage of self-discovery and creative exploration. Balancing a part-time framing job with local art classes, he experimented with diverse styles and techniques, seeking his artistic identity. Despite having a vision, the message of his art was yet to crystallize.

In 2017, a café in Cork City provided Ciano with an art residency, offering an ideal platform to showcase his talents. Positive customer feedback and artwork sales validated his direction, confirming his path.

Today, Ciano’s art spans various mediums, including paintings and mixed media with collage elements. Each creation reflects his inspiration, drawn from raw moments and spontaneous ideas, resulting in a collection of unique and distinctive works.

Beyond his technical prowess, Ciano’s art epitomizes his profound affection for subcultures. Enthralled by their distinctive styles, music, fashion, and attitudes, he sought to encapsulate the core of these underground movements. Infusing his pieces with vibrancy and energy, he championed rebellious spirit, freedom of expression, individuality, and unconventional beauty.

His talent has already captured the attention of private collectors, with numerous artworks gracing homes and businesses across Cork, Dublin, and the USA. To further showcase his artistry and creativity, Ciano recently enjoyed a successful exhibition at Cork City’s prestigious Laneway Gallery in May 2023.

Ciano’s journey stands as a testament to the potency of perseverance, self-discovery, and the embrace of genuine passions. Through his art, he beckons us to honor the splendor of expressive freedom, celebrate individuality, and warmly embrace our distinct paths in life.