Ciano is an Irish visual artist working out of his art studio in East Cork, Ireland. Through acrylic, spray paint, and mixed media, he brings to life intuitive creations that embody universally resonating emotions. While life pulled him away from his art for some time, he returned, proving that passion, and the sheer freedom of creating, cannot be stifled.


Embracing the spontaneity of life itself, his work revels in the chaos and untamed nature of the human psyche. Large-scale works of expressionistic illustrative paintings envelop viewers in a cacophony of color, line, and emotion. While he sees himself as an emerging artist, art has remained a lifelong passion, and he is eager to share his blatant disregard for convention and perceived limitations in his re-imaginations of the everyday.

His work becomes a confluence of modern and contemporary influences from Picasso, Pollock, Kandinsky, Miro to the rise of street art, complimented by his own surrealist illustrative pop art twists.

Acrylics, spray paints, pastels, and collage mutate through an experimentation of styles and techniques. Drawing from his musical background as a DJ and music producer, his process becomes instinctual yet fluid, responding to his own beat and rhythm at any given moment.

Impetuous brush strokes, vibrant saturated colors, and layers and textures melding into one another.

Diverse explorations of the subconscious are countered by his own interpretations of past experiences. His work is about being present. It demands a reaction from the viewer. It is here that he uses his art process as a sort of tool for self-healing to evoke and release his internalised emotions and demons!.

Each viewer, in the presence of his work, can distill their own unique meaning and manifest a multitude of thoughts outside his own comprehension or intention. The meaning of these works are then allowed to eternally evolve, and hopefully remain perpetually relevant.


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