Irish Artist Ciano

Ciano is an Irish visual artist working out of his art studio in East Cork, Ireland. His artwork is well-known for its abstract, modern expressionist style, which is a consequence of his vibrant, textured colour palette.

Knowing no limitations, Ciano likes to work fluidly allowing his artistic muses to come in the form of raw moments, instant ideas, and spontaneous actions.

He uses art as a tool to explore his creative urges while observing his surroundings and by expressing his thoughts and emotions on canvas which often play the main role in his creations.

He strives in an attempt with his work to manifest a multitude of thoughts and emotions, form the viewer by inviting them to spend more time reflecting upon the theme and meaning within each piece.

Mostly working in Acrylics and Spray Paint he works with both rolled and stretched canvasses and custom-made wood panels which gives him the freedom in what he is trying to achieve.

He has sold several pieces to private collectors all across Ireland, the USA and Europe. He has exhibited twice at The Shanagarry Design Centre and most recently had the opportunity for a solo exhibit at Lishh Café in Cork City.

“I like to create art from a range of different head spaces to infuse new emotions into my work.”

“What excites me as an artist is subjective ideas as opposed to objective ones”.